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How Does the Direction of My Home Affect My Home Temperature?


Can your heating and air conditioning keep up if your house is facing south? The direction your home faces can be a huge factor in the interior temperature of your home. Let’s take a look at how it makes a difference, and what you can do about it

The Good and the Bad of Southern and Northern Facing Homes

There are good and bad things if your house faces south and either the front or the back has many south-facing windows. You have the benefit of lots of natural light year-round. You’ll also get a boost to your heating system in the winter because your home will stay warmer with the extra sunlight. The downside is the extra sun and heat that will come in through those same windows in the summer, making it harder to cool your home.

The opposite is true if you have a lot of north-facing windows. It’s great in the summer because it’s easier to keep your home cool, but the winter months can be colder inside, and you might have to use your heat more.

How to Manage the Temperature

One of the best ways to manage the interior temperature in your home, no matter what direction it faces, is with zoning. Adding zoning to your heating and air conditioning system allows you to cool or heat areas of your home that need it most, and areas that you use the most. This is especially helpful if the direction of your home affects the temperature in your house. Zoning lets you cool the areas that are the warmest in the summer and heat the areas that are the coolest in the winter.

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