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Hidden Benefits of Commercial Maintenance Agreements


You might have a maintenance agreement for your residential HVAC system, but what about for your business? There are commercial maintenance agreements, and they have some hidden benefits you might not recognize. Here are just a few:

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

To be a good corporate citizen — or small business citizen or industrial citizen — it’s beneficial to look out for the good of the planet. Having your HVAC system serviced regularly in accordance with a good maintenance agreement can ensure your heating and cooling system gets some TLC twice a year. Regular maintenance means your system will be running at peak performance. You will use less energy, have lower energy bills and become a greener business owner.

Reduce the Chance of a Breakdown

Losing the AC at your home during the summer is no fun. But lose it at your business, and it could cost you in lost sales and reduced foot traffic. Regular maintenance allows your tech to inspect and clean your HVAC system so they can find any small issues that have the potential to become big problems. 

Discount on Repairs and VIP Treatment

One big perk of a good commercial maintenance agreement includes getting a discount on repairs, should the need arise. Because you invested your money and confidence in an HVAC company, they’ll return the favor by giving you discounted service, just in case you should need a repair in between service visits.

Don’t dismiss the idea of regular service for your commercial HVAC system. Get the best commercial maintenance agreement for your business by contacting H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling.

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