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Heating and Air Conditioner Troubleshooting vs. Emergency Repair: How to Decide?

Heating and air conditioner repair, made easy.

Heating and Air Conditioner RepairIt’s the Murphy’s Law of air conditioning: your air conditioning is going to break down during the hottest day of the year, or the middle of the night, or on a weekend right before company comes to visit. No one wants to deal with a broken air conditioning unit ever, but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to make a call for an emergency repair, either.

So when you’re facing a unit that isn’t working, how do you tell whether it’s a small problem you can fix yourself or something that needs an immediate repair call into the professionals?

Can You DIY It?

Troubleshooting your air conditioner can give you a sense of what could be wrong, helping you find a quicker solution. Simple troubleshooting techniques include checking the power to the unit, changing the filter, and rebooting the system. If none of these helps, it’s a job best left for the professionals.

Emergency Repair or Monday Morning Repair? 

When your heating and air conditioning system stops working in the middle of the weekend it instantly becomes a huge inconvenience. How do you know if you should call for emergency service or if it can wait until Monday morning? Why, troubleshooting of course! Taking the time to troubleshoot the problem might also give you an idea of the type of service your AC needs.

To Call or Not to Call

Staying cool without needing to place a service call is always the goal. Some simple heating and air conditioner troubleshooting steps can help you either work through the problem and get cool air flowing again, or it will confirm that you need a professional to get things going.

No matter the situation, it’s always a good idea to start with troubleshooting on your heating and air conditioner system. If you’ve done what you can and you’re still without cool air, contact H.H. Hovey anytime for service.

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