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Five Ways an Energy Audit Can Help You Prepare for Spring


Save money as you prepare to keep things cool by maximizing your office’s energy efficiency.

An energy audit is a great way to take stock of how you’re spending your energy dollars and to improve your building’s energy efficiency. Read on to learn about a few different ways that an energy audit can save you money as you prepare for the warm months ahead.

#1: Take Advantage of a Professional HVAC Assessment

While you may think you know everything that goes on in your home, it’s hard to spot energy leaks without a trained eye. When you have an energy audit done, an energy professional will be able to see (literally) where things are slipping through the cracks.

#2: Keep a Tight Ship

Your energy professional will take a look at your doors and windows. We’re looking for spots where your cool or warm air is slipping out and costing you money.

#3 Make Sure Things Are Running Optimally

You’ll learn about whether your water heater, fireplace, ducts, furnace, and other important parts of your home are functioning as optimally as possible.

#4 Nip Safety Issues in the Bud

While saving money is great, safety is most important. Your energy auditor will have an eye out for any wiring or safety issues that could cause problems down the line.

#5 Take Proactive Steps

When the audit is complete, your energy professional will be able to make recommendations on how you can improve your home and lower your energy bill.

Are you ready to learn about how you can improve your energy efficiency? Want to stop throwing away unnecessary money on your high monthly energy bill? Get in touch with our team at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling, Inc., serving Winston Salem, NC and surrounding areas, today.

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