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4 Reasons Your HVAC System Is Costing You Big Bucks This Summer

dirty ac unit

If you’re like most people, your HVAC system gets a workout in the summer. And it could be the reason your energy bills keep going up every month. Take a look at four reasons your HVAC system is costing you big bucks this summer and what you can do about it.

#1: Your Air Filter is Dirty

If your HVAC air filter is dirty, your cooling system will use more energy to do the same job. When that happens, your utility bills go up right along with your energy use. Change your air filter and bring down your cooling costs.

#2: You Skipped Spring Service

Spring HVAC maintenance and service is critical to your system running efficiently. If you skip service, you’re going to see it in your electric bills. It might be time to invest in a maintenance plan.

#3: You Have an Old Thermostat

Old thermostats don’t have the programming capabilities of smart thermostats. Investing in smart temperature control technology will make your house more comfortable, you’ll use less energy, and you’ll save money every month.

#4: Your House Is Too Humid

If you live in an especially humid climate, you might want to consider adding a dehumidifier. When the air has excess moisture in it, it’s going to feel warmer, and you’re going to need to use more air conditioning for your home to feel comfortable. A dehumidifier will help lower your energy bills and you’ll have a cooler and more comfortable home.

There are many reasons your HVAC system is sending your energy bills sky-high this summer. To help sort it out, contact the experts at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling.

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