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4 Reasons to Schedule a Preventative Maintenance Visit

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Maintenance agreements come in handy, especially when it’s time to schedule your fall preventative service visit. If you’re dragging your feet when it comes to getting it booked, take a look at four reasons you should get it on the calendar.

1: Increased Efficiency

If your HVAC system needs to work harder than it should, it will use more energy. With regular service, the moving parts get lubricated, the thermostat calibrated, and the system cleaned, inspected, and tested. The efficiency of your system goes up when it’s running as it should after a preventative maintenance visit.

2: Longer Life for Your Heating and Cooling System

Dirty HVAC equipment is going to break down more quickly than a system kept in tip-top shape. When you invest in twice-yearly maintenance, the equipment will last longer, and you’ll get more for your money before it needs replacing or upgrading.

3: Fewer Breakdowns

You can’t predict every issue that could arise with your heating and cooling system, but regular maintenance significantly cuts down on potential issues. Because your technician will inspect and test every part, they can make repairs to small issues before they lead to a system breakdown.

4: Consistent Comfort This Winter

Fall preventative maintenance means you can count on your home staying warm this fall and through the winter. As we transition from summer to fall, it’s important that our HVAC system does too. A fall service call will ensure your home will be nice and cozy as the weather turns cool.

Preventative maintenance is critical to an HVAC system that runs as it should, and a maintenance agreement is the best way to ensure seasonal service. Talk to the team at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling, Inc. for the service agreement that works for you.

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