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3 Ways Your Window AC Unit Is Costing You More Than a New HVAC System

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While some homeowners assume they are saving money with a window AC unit, comparing your existing AC repair costs vs. getting a new system can help you know for sure. If you are draining your budget on a window AC unit or HVAC repair costs, you may find that investing in a new high-efficiency HVAC is the more budget-friendly option.

Trying to decide how to move forward with your home air conditioning? Consider these three ways a window AC unit may be costing you more than you think:

#1: Comfort

When you really stop to think about it, lack of comfort costs you something. It’s a sacrifice. Instead of feeling refreshed and cool in your home, you will likely experience too warm temperatures and sticky excess humidity with a window unit. How much is your family’s comfort worth? Even if you don’t mind dealing with a less-than-ideal environment, the other costs may convince you otherwise.

#2: Energy Costs

Do you rely on multiple air conditioning units to cool your home? Or does your system run all hours of the day to provide the necessary climate control? If your air conditioner is aged or inefficient (or you must use more than one), it’s likely you are spending more on electricity bills than you would with a new HVAC system.

#3: Repair Costs

Homeowners who use window AC units or must continually repair old HVAC systems typically pay far too much on repair costs each year. reports that the average HVAC repair costs are between $144 and $451 for each service. When you tally up the fees over a 12-month period, you may be surprised to learn exactly how much an outdated unit or system is costing you.

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To schedule an appointment or learn more about HVAC repair costs vs. replacement, reach out to H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling.

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