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3 Ways to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Hot and Cold Spots

Find out why that one room in your house is always freezing and how it affects the indoor air quality.

What do hot and cold spots have to do with indoor air quality? Rooms that are never the right temperature may breed a host of problems. Hot, humid rooms grow mold, while cold rooms are the perfect place for the cold virus to fester. It seems like everyone has at least one room that is either too hot or too cold no matter what the thermostat says. Here’s how you can avoid that.

1.Take a Look at the Air Vents

Every room should have at least one designated air vent. You can change how much air flows into the room by opening or closing the vent. If a room feels like the Sahara Desert, try opening it a bit more to allow more cold air to enter. If it’s so cold that you can see your breath, you need to close the vent to stop the airflow. You can try this over and over until you find the perfect setting for each room.

2.Search High and Low for Drafts

It’s possible that your hot and cold rooms don’t have anything to do with the HVAC system. In many cases, inadequate insulation is to blame. Check the windows to see if any air is leaking inside. Make sure every door closes all the way. If you find a draft, take the necessary steps to fix it, and consider upgrading the insulation throughout your home. This will also put less stress on your A/C and help to lower your energy bill.

3.Add a Zoning System

You can eliminate most hot or cold spots by installing a zoning system. Instead of relying on only one thermostat, a zoning system assigns individual rooms to different thermostats. Each thermostat controls a particular zone. An HVAC technician will determine which rooms need the most air and adjust the zone accordingly. Not only does zoning make your home more comfortable, but you’ll also see a drastic drop in your energy usage.

If you need a sweater in one room and a bathing suit in another, something isn’t right with your home’s airflow. The team at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling will determine the reason for any hot or cold spots in your home. We’ll make your home more comfortable, no matter which room you’re sitting in. Contact us online if you’re ready to improve your indoor air quality by better controlling the temperature in your home, give us a call at 336-768-2703.

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