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3 Ways Humidifiers are the Secret Ingredient to a More Comfortable Home

Do you have a humidifier? If not, you should.

Explaining humidifier benefits

Ah, humidifiers! If only everyone knew their virtues. Do you have a humidifier in your home? If you don’t, why not? It’s possible not everyone knows the benefits of maintaining the right humidity levels, especially in the cooler, dryer winter months. So we’re here to fill you in! Here are 3 ways humidifiers can make you more comfortable this winter:

1. Great Skin!

This doesn’t sound like it has to do with comfort, but great skin is a huge bonus when your home has the right amount of humidity. Not only will it look better and younger, but it will also feel better. Dry air creates dry skin, and dry skin is itchy, irritated, and even shows signs of peeling, rashes, and eczema if the air gets too dry.

2. Get Rid of Sinus Trouble

Congestion and sinus irritation are exacerbated by dry air. Humidity allows your sinuses to function properly, including draining, which reduces congestion and that tight feeling you can get during the winter.

3. Reduce the Chance for Colds and Flu

Viruses thrive in dry air, that’s why cold and flu season happens in the winter months when the air is dry. To combat the seasonal bugs, keep your home at the right relative humidity, between 30% and 60%, to cut down on those pesky viruses.

A comfortable body is what helps make a comfortable home. Having the right humidity levels not only makes the air in your home hold heat more efficiently, but it also makes you feel great too.

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