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3 Ways an HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreement Will Improve Your Life


How can maintenance agreements increase your quality of life?

What’s the biggest benefit to enrolling in maintenance agreements? Chances are, not quite what you think. While saving money and extending the life of your heating and cooling systems are big pay-offs, the biggest advantage has an impact on every area of your life. What are we talking about? Your increased comfort!

Here are three ways reliable temperature control through the right maintenance agreements improves your life:

  1. Comfort keeps you focused.
  2. At work or at play, staying comfortable allows you to do more with your time. Studies from way back in the 1950s showed a 25 percent improvement in productivity when workers were kept sufficiently warm or cool. Those same benefits exist today. When the environment doesn’t stress your people out, they can concentrate better.

  3. Indoor air quality affects health.
  4. Air conditioning and heating service doesn’t just keep your body comfortable. It also keeps you feeling well. AC helps lower humidity during the sweltering summer months, cutting down on excess moisture that causes problems like mold indoors. During winter, heat increases indoor moisture, cutting back on dry skin and irritated eyes. Add in air filtering features, and your HVAC system could be the cure to mysterious home-based allergy symptoms.

  5. Your home is more welcoming.

Interactions with friends and family are the #1 factor in personal happiness, but no one wants to visit when your house is too hot or too cold. Reliable HVAC services ensure your house is a fun place to visit and goes a long way to preserving your social health.

Enroll in one of our convenient, cost-effective maintenance agreements today, and ensure your HVAC services stay reliable. At H.H. Hovey Heating & Cooling, Inc., we always keep an eye on the big picture. Get in touch with us and start enjoying your life more today.

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