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3 Undeniable Ways a Maintenance Agreement Can Help You Save Money This Spring


Give yourself peace of mind by setting up maintenance agreements before you need them.

Setting up maintenance agreements with a trusted maintenance company is an important task to complete before spring arrives. As the weather gets warm, many things happen to a property. Snow melts, rain increases, and often mold begins to form. Read on to discover three money-saving benefits to having a maintenance agreement in place this spring:

Benefit #1: In a maintenance agreement, you can lay out terms for emergency service. This can save you from over-the-top fees from emergency-specific maintenance companies.

Benefit #2: You’ll also be able to lay out acceptable timeframes for repairs. That saves your business from being shut down for days upon end while you search for a contractor who can fix your issues.

Benefit #3: You won’t be stuck trying to repair your building on your own. Hiring a pro protects you and your building from injuries that could happen with a DIY project. Plus, you’ll avoid causing damage that requires further repairs.

The truth is a professional maintenance agreement can help you get out of the woods quickly when the unexpected happens to your HVAC system. It’s never fun for any homeowner or business owner to be caught off guard by an AC that won’t run when the temperatures warm up. Setting up the right maintenance agreement ahead of time will save you money as well as hassle during the warmer months.

Get in touch with our team of experts at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling, Inc., serving Winston Salem, NC, and surrounding areas today. We’ll be happy to outline our convenient maintenance agreement plans and help you save money.

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