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3 Unbelievable But True Facts About “Smart” Heating and Cooling

What you need to know about smart heating and cooling.

3 Unbelievable But True Facts About “Smart” Heating and Cooling

The cost of cooling your home in the summer can sometimes be a little daunting. There are ways to save, however. One of the best ways is by using a smart thermostat to create smart heating and cooling within your home. Smart thermostats have gotten a lot of attention lately, and for good reason.

Here are 3 unbelievable but true facts about smart heating and cooling:

1.Smart Thermostats Can Be Controlled Remotely

Smart thermostats allow for smart heating and cooling because of many things, but one of them is the ability to control them remotely. With a wireless connection you can change the programming and adjust the settings remotely from a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Weather change? Change your home temperature from work. Coming home early from vacation? Reset your smart heating and cooling to be the right temperature when you return.

2.Real Time Energy Consumption Rates Are Knowable

Understanding how energy efficient your HVAC system is great. Knowing smart heating and cooling energy consumption in real time is awesome! A smart thermostat can show your energy consumption in real time, which allows you to control and adjust your energy use based on how much energy your smart heating and cooling system is using at any given time.

3.It Really Gets to Know You. Really.

Smart thermostats make for really smart heating and cooling because they learn from your behaviors. It learns how you set and adjust the thermostat at various times of day and it will automatically do it for you once it learns your behaviors. Pretty cool, huh?

The 3 biggest facts about smart heating and cooling all involve the amazing functions of a smart thermostat. Want more info? Schedule an appointment with an expert at H.H. Hovey today.

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