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3 Summer HVAC Energy Saving Tips

Do you want to lower your summer HVAC energy costs without sweating it out? Cooling your home is one of the most significant energy expenses during the summer months. If you are tired of opening your bill to see shocking numbers, there are things you can do to minimize energy costs without sacrificing comfort in your home. Keep reading for three summer HVAC tips to save energy and keep your cool.

#1: Limit Heat-Producing Activities

Consider this tip your permission to stop cooking and cleaning—at least during the daytime hours. Heat-producing activities like stovetop cooking and running the dishwasher and dryer make your indoor climate warmer, causing your AC to kick on more often to cool off the house. As a result, your energy costs spike. To reduce energy usage, save these household tasks for the evening when the temperatures will be milder.

#2: Run the Ceiling Fan Counterclockwise

Did you know something as simple as your ceiling fan can reduce your monthly energy bill? Set the blades to run counterclockwise. When you turn on the fan, the motion will disburse cool air throughout each room, pushing the air down to create a pleasant breeze. Because the room feels cooler, you can comfortably set the thermostat a few degrees higher.

#3: Take Advantage of Preventative Maintenance

It’s surprising how many homeowners miss this foolproof way to save on energy costs during the summer. When you perform regular HVAC maintenance, your system will run at top efficiency. A more efficient system means it will use less energy. Less energy usage means a lower energy bill. It’s as simple as that! Contact H. H. Hovey Heating and Cooling today to get more summer energy-saving tips or to schedule HVAC preventative maintenance with our friendly team of experts.

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