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3 Reasons Your Family Will Fall in Love with a New, Smart Thermostat


There’s a super smart way to increase your energy efficiency.

Now is the time to fall in love…with energy efficiency. And the path to energy efficiency starts with a new smart thermostat. There are so many reasons to be head over heels with one, but let’s take a look at just three of them:

Reason #1: Program Your Comfort

Taking control of the comfort level of your home is like a dream! And it can save you on your energy bills. When you take advantage of the programming features of a smart thermostat, you can automatically adjust the temperature of your home to fit your needs, your lifestyle, and your schedule, so you only use as much heat, and energy, as you need at any given time. What’s not to love about that?

Reason #2: Monitor Your Energy Use

Energy efficiency works best when you know how much you’re using, not just month to month, but even day to day. The right smart thermostat will allow you to monitor your energy use in real-time, and adjust accordingly, not just to suit your desired comfort level, but to suit your desired energy use goals. Who wouldn’t love that feature?

Reason #3: Adjust Your Thermostat from Anywhere

Today’s high-tech world requires high-tech home mechanicals. A smart thermostat lets you manage your thermostat remotely from anywhere via a Wi-Fi connection. You can access it through an app on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer. If there are changes in the weather, your schedule, or your travel plans, you’re not at the mercy of your pre-set temperature. Reset it from away from home, and you’re good to go. Lovely!

To find the right smart thermostat to fall in love with, that will help you reach your energy efficiency goals, contact our friendly pros at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling now.

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