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3 Reasons Why October Is the Best Time to Schedule a Maintenance Visit


Maintenance agreements are only advantageous if you actually use them.

Have you used your maintenance agreement? They have so many benefits; we’re sure you’ve chosen to invest in one by now. And since it’s October, now is the best time to schedule a maintenance visit. Here are three reasons why:

1: Springing into Fall with HVAC Maintenance

Fall is the time when we switch over from our air conditioning system to our heating system. What better way to kick off the heating season than to get your HVAC in order? Regular maintenance is key to a system that is efficient and effective. October is the time to give your system a little extra love so that it will work for you all winter.

2: Avoid Untimely Issues

No one wants to wake up on a cold winter morning to find the heat is out. One of the best ways to avoid a heating system breakdown is with regular maintenance. During service, a technician can identify and repair any small problems before they become big issues, and October is the best time for that. Get your system ready for winter before you need it.

3: Go into the Holidays with Peace of Mind

A heating system breakdown can wreak havoc on your holiday celebration. Don’t wait until your furnace has been running for a month or two to find out there are issues. Get it taken care of now, get it off your to-do list, and go into the holidays with peace of mind, knowing your HVAC equipment is in tip top shape.

Get the service you need with the maintenance agreement that ensures it from the pros at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling.

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