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3 Reasons Why Fall Preventative Maintenance Is Important


Maintenance agreements are more than just a good idea for your HVAC system; they can make your life easier. If you’ve skipped the last few years’ service, your system is overdue. Take a look at 3 reasons why fall preventative maintenance is important:

Reason #1: Prep for Winter

It’s been a long, hot summer, and your heating system has been out of work the whole time. Fall maintenance gets your HVAC equipment switched over from cooling to heating. It ensures your furnace is clean, tuned up, functional, and ready for the cooler months.

Reason #2: Increases Efficiency

When tuned up, lubricated, and inspected for issues, an HVAC system will run efficiently. Letting it run, season after season, without the proper care and maintenance can make it work harder than it should. When that happens, you’re using more energy and spending more every month on your utility bills than you should.

Reason #3: Fewer Repairs,

No one wants to wake up on a cold winter morning to find the heat isn’t working. Regular service on your HVAC system, including one every fall, will help reduce the potential for breakdowns. A reliable technician can identify issues that need repair during a maintenance call. Plus, heating equipment that is running as it should is less likely to break down.

One of the best ways to take care of your HVAC system is with regular service. Regular means twice a year – once in the spring before cooling season and once in the fall before you turn the thermostat to heat. To make sure you don’t miss one, talk to our team at H.H. Hovey about how a maintenance agreement can make it easy.

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