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3 Reasons to Consider an Office Humidifier This Winter

3 Reasons to Consider an Office Humidifier This Winter

Did you know that an office humidifier can improve the indoor air quality of your workspace this winter? When it gets colder outside, more workers tend to call in sick. However, you can actually boost employee productivity with a new humidifier. Here’s why it works:

1.Humidifiers Keep Colds and Flu at Bay

Winter is cold and flu season. Although you can catch these ailments all year long, you’re more likely to get sick when it’s chilly outside. Why is that? Germs spread rapidly in cold, dry air. Keeping the air moist helps to kill these common viruses. A humidifier may also reduce the likelihood of transmitting these unwanted germs to others.

2.Moist Air Makes It Easier to Breathe

Ask anyone with asthma, and they’ll tell you that they struggle the most when it’s cold outside. Dry air is common during the winter, but it also tends to aggravate respiratory problems. If you want your employees to breathe without wheezing or coughing, you should install an office humidifier. Adding moisture back into the air soothes airways and makes it easier to take a deep breath.

3.Save Money on Your Heating Costs

Keeping an office warm can cost a lot of money. When winter hits, you may see a sudden spike in your energy bill. However, if you run a humidifier at work, you may be able to keep heating costs at bay. Humid air retains heat better than dry air. With a humidifier, you’ll be able to make your workers more comfortable without turning up the heater.

As temperatures plummet, it’s time to take action to keep your office warm and germ-free. A humidifier is just what you need. The team at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling can help you manage the humidity levels at your workplace. Get in touch with us to increase the indoor air quality of your office with a brand new humidifier.

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