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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality at the Office


We often spend time worrying about our homes and how healthy they are, but what about the indoor air quality at your office? Most people spend a lot of time at their place of business. Shouldn’t the air where you work be as good as the air where you live? Let’s take a look at three quick and easy ways you can improve the indoor air quality at your business:

#1: Don’t Forget HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your commercial heating and cooling system is one of the best and easiest ways to help keep your indoor air clean. A dirty system or one that isn’t Jfunctioning properly, especially if it has dirty air filters, can’t effectively clean or circulate the air in your office. This will compromise the quality of the air you’re breathing every day you’re at work. A maintenance agreement takes all the work out of it and ensures your system will get the attention it deserves twice a year.

#2: Check the Ventilation

If your vents and ducts are dirty, clogged or broken, the air that circulates could be full of contaminants and pollutants. A quick check of your ventilation system by a qualified technician can reveal any issues that might be present, allowing for a quick repair.

#3: Add Air Filtration

An air filtration system is an easy upgrade to your existing HVAC equipment. This can have an enormous impact on the air quality at your business. The right system can catch and trap the allergens and airborne pollutants before they get blown around your workspace and inhaled by your staff and customers.

Don’t breathe dirty air at home, and definitely don’t breathe dirty air at work. Contact the pros at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling to find out more about your indoor air quality at the office.

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