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3 Indicators It’s Time to Invest in A New Heating System

Is a new heating system on your New Year’s to-do list? Probably not, but you might want to add it. How can you tell? Take a look at three indicators it’s time to invest in a new heating system.

1: Your System is Over the Hill

Most heating systems and furnaces last around 10-15 years. If yours is near, at, or past that age, it could be time for a new one. As Heating equipment ages, it begins to break down, becoming less effective and less efficient.

2: Your Heating Bills Are Sky High

Do you look at your heating bills and think they seem significantly higher than they used to? Increasing utility bills are an indicator your HVAC unit is not energy efficient. If your unit is aging or in poor condition, it’s going to use more energy to keep your home warm. Newer models are more energy-efficient and will save you money on your energy bills every month.

3: It’s Getting Harder to Keep the Temperature Consistent

Do you have warm spots and cold spots, and you just can’t seem to get the temperature right? It could be your thermostat, but it could be your heating system. Temperature inconsistencies are an indicator that your heating unit could be on its last leg.

Could the new year be a good time for a new heating system? If the indications are clear that it’s the right time to invest in your comfort, it’s time to give the HVAC experts at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling, Inc. a call.

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