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3 Facts Every Homeowner Should Know About Indoor Air Quality


Improving your indoor air quality isn’t always as hard as it seems.

Want to improve your indoor air quality? Some people might never think about this; however, your indoor air most likely isn’t as clean as you’d like to think. What should you know about it? Here are three facts for every homeowner when it comes to their indoor air quality:

Fact #1: Your Indoor Air Is Full of Pollutants

Not all airborne particles are bad, but there are some that can really impact how you feel on a daily basis. These particles are common allergens such as mold, bacteria, dust, dust mites, smoke and pollen. When left untreated to circulate through your home, they can cause all kinds of allergic reactions.

Fact #2: You Can Do Something About It

Dehumidifiers and air filtration systems are your friends. Not only that, but they’re easy upgrades to your current system. Dehumidifiers will balance the relative humidity in your home, making it significantly less hospitable to mold and bacteria. Air filtration systems will help pull the pollutants out of the air, so they don’t get pulled in through the cooling system and then circulated again through your home.

Fact #3: It’s Not One or the Other

You don’t have to choose a dehumidifier or an air filtration system, period. You can customize the tools you use in your home to improve the air quality. Your HVAC tech can help you choose the right upgrades for your home and your particular needs and concerns.

There’s no reason you can’t breathe easy this summer. To find out how to improve your indoor air quality and still stay cool, contact our experts at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling.

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