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3 Facts About Air Conditioning That Will Blow Your Mind

Residential heating and cooling info everyone should have.

Heating and CoolingThink you know everything you need to about your home’s heating and cooling system? While it’s such a critical part of our modern life, there’s actually a lot that people don’t know about HVAC systems. Here are 3 facts about residential heating and cooling that may surprise you: 

Air Conditioning Fact #1: School Vacation is Because of the Heat

At the turn of the century, summer vacation for schools was actually necessary for the health and well being of the children. Without air conditioning, the small buildings were unbearable in the heat of summer. Summer vacation was created, as a result, to get kids out of the classroom when it became too hot outside. Now residential heating and cooling is as common as sliced bread, and a mainstay in every classroom in the country. However, summer vacation has stayed the same. 

Air Conditioning Fact #2: Population Changes in the U.S. are Due to Air Conditioning

Imagine living in Las Vegas or Phoenix, Texas, or Florida in the summertime without air conditioning. The introduction of residential heating and cooling is a primary reason for population explosions in the hot states in the southern half of the country. Life during the summer in these states prior to widespread air conditioning ranged from uncomfortable to downright dangerous.

Air Conditioning Fact #3: You Don’t Always Have to Wait for Air Conditioning Repair

Your residential heating and cooling system might just break down when you least expect it. It never seems like it will, as you sit in your cool, comfortable home, but the truth is, it could happen to you at anytime. If an issue does occur, you can always call for emergency repair, any time of day or night. And that’s a fact. You really don’t have to wait until Monday or the morning – you can get the cool air flowing again when you need it.

If your residential heating and cooling system isn’t running up to par, call H.H. Hovey at (336) 768-2703 for emergency repair service to help you keep your cool.

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