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3 Common Furnace Problems You May Be Overlooking


Your heating and air conditioning systems keep your home comfortable year-round. But as your HVAC takes care of you, are you taking care of it? If you aren’t arranging for regular service, there could be problems that you’re overlooking. Here are three of the most common furnace problems you need to keep an eye out for.

#1: Dirty Air Filters

HVAC air filters are among the most commonly overlooked. Most people tend to forget about them, but you should change them every 30-90 days. If you have pets or live in a dusty area, more frequent changes could be necessary. Why change your filter? Because they are the gateway to your heating and cooling systems. They keep dust and dirt out of the equipment and also out of your indoor air.

#2: Faulty Thermostat

If the temperature inside your home is less than consistent, it could be your thermostat. If it’s malfunctioning, your furnace won’t keep your house at the desired comfort level. Check the thermostat to be sure it’s working the way it should.

3: Lack of Regular Maintenance

You should have your furnace serviced every year in the fall before the weather cools off, and you want to warm up your house. If you neglect service, you could miss issues in your heating system. Whether it’s wear and tear on parts, components that need replacing, or dirt and debris that needs removal, regular service can keep your furnace running the way it should.

Spring is right around the corner, but for now, it’s still heating season. Don’t get stuck with costly repairs from common furnace issues. Count on the team of HVAC professionals at H.H. Hovey for all of your heating and air conditioning needs.

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