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2 Tips for Keeping Your FROG Cool this Summer Without Breaking the Bank

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Discover why your FROG doesn’t have to derail your plans for increased energy efficiency.

Do you yearn for better energy efficiency in your home? Do you also have a FROG (finished room over the garage) that never seems to be the right temperature? When you have a FROG, it can often be extra cold in the winter and way too warm in the summer. That’s because it absorbs the temperature from the garage below. Take a look at these two tips for keeping it cool this summer without breaking the bank:

#1: Consider Additional Insulation

One of the biggest problems with rooms that reside over garages is lack of insulation, especially if the home is more than twenty years old. Boosting the insulation between the room and the garage but also above the ceiling, where it could be bumping right up against open attic space, and in the walls, will improve your temperature control in that particular room.

#2: Consider a Mini-Split System

When your central air conditioning system can’t maintain a cool temperature in a room above a hot garage, one energy efficient option is to install a mini-split system that you control separately from the central air conditioner. A mini-split system consists of outdoor and indoor units that work together to cool the interior space, reduce humidity, and increase air circulation. This type of cooling system doesn’t require ductwork, so it’s ideal for a small space that needs a bit of a cooling boost to be comfortable.

To retain your energy efficiency at the same time you cool your FROG this summer, talk to one of our experts at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling for the best methods for your home.

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