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2 Things to Look for in a Commercial Maintenance Agreement


No company should be without a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement. If you don’t have one, it’s time to add that to your inventory of safety measures for your business to make sure it doesn’t come to a screeching halt if the heating or cooling breaks down.

If you’ve never invested in one, here are the two most important things to know about a commercial maintenance agreement for your heating and cooling systems:

#1: Regular Maintenance

When it comes to commercial HVAC, it’s about more than just keeping the equipment clean. Regular maintenance assures safety, efficiency, and the ability to keep up with demand. You need to make sure it’s running right. And if your cooling goes out in the summer, that can mean a loss of income for your business. Regular maintenance can be anything from monthly safety checks and tune-ups to semi-annual service, depending on the size of your building and the specific needs of your HVAC system. It’s a must in any maintenance agreement.

#2: Priority Service and Treatment

Every customer with a service agreement, whether residential or commercial, should receive priority treatment. This can mean anything from prompt emergency service should you have a breakdown, to discounted parts and labor should an issue arise outside of the maintenance window. Every customer is important, but those with a service agreement should come first, and that includes you — when you have a commercial agreement signed with a reputable HVAC company.

There are many benefits to regular service for your commercial HVAC system. To take advantage of them, get the commercial maintenance agreement that’s right for your business by contacting the pros at H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling.

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