After moving to W-S a month ago we started having problems with our 2 unit A/C. Not knowing anyone yet we called HH Hovey after seeing your van in our neighbors drive.
We have a home warranty, but were getting nowhere fast with awful vendors and a week without A/C and house temps nearing 90 degree+. Charlie was working nearby and "stopped by" to assess our problem.
He was fantastic! Not only was he willing to "wait" an enormous amount of time, he did so to ensure that we had what we needed for reimbursement. Thanks to him, we already received our check!! And no problems...
He was always willing to answer my questions and did not complain during his numerous trips to my attic with 100+ degree temps. We would like to thank you for the efficient work, professionalism and timeliness of the work. We really appreciated the speediness - We had family coming in that day.
Thank you Charlie & HH Hovey for a job well done and our cool nights of sleep! We will definitely recommend you in the future!!

A. Rollberg & Family