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2 Biggest HVAC Mistakes & What You Can Do About Them


What are the biggest HVAC mistakes that technicians come across? Most heating and cooling experts see the same problems day in and day out. But you can prevent them from happening in your home. Avoid these common mistakes like the plague:

  1. Running an Inefficient HVAC System
  2. Your HVAC system keeps your home comfortable, but is it efficient? Many homeowners don't know the answer to this question, but there are plenty of warning signs showing you are dealing with inefficiency issues. A skyrocketing energy bill, for instance, might indicate an inefficient AC unit. Inefficient systems also work harder, which strains the components. A full-blown emergency is only around the corner.

    What can you do about this? Remembering to change the filter every 1 to 3 months will keep your air conditioner running more efficiently. Trimming overgrown bushes around the outside system will keep your HVAC from overheating. And ensuring your heating and cooling system is the right size will also help lower your energy bill.

  3. Overlooking Regular Maintenance
  4. When was the last time a technician inspected your heating and cooling system? The biggest mistake homeowners make is overlooking regular HVAC maintenance. Maybe you didn't want to spend the money, or perhaps you forgot. No matter the reason, it could end up costing you more down the road.

How often should you schedule maintenance? It's best to book a technician before summer and winter. During an inspection, they will clean the coils, top off the refrigerant, and check for air leaks. If they notice anything out of the ordinary, the technician will offer a plan of action to get your system in tip-top shape.

H.H. Hovey Heating and Cooling, Inc. makes it easy to keep your heating and cooling system ready for anything. Our Home Service Agreement ensures you never forget about scheduled maintenance again. Schedule service with our experts to avoid these costly HVAC mistakes.

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